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We help companies make more money through intelligent SEO and conversion rate optimisation campaigns.

Is SEO right for my business?

SEO is a terrific method of getting more eyes on your website.  More eyes means more calls which means more sales.

Let’s use a simple example.  Think about a time when something goes wrong with your car and you need a mechanic to help.  You don’t know any mechanics so you jump on Google and search for ‘mechanics’.  If you’re like most people, you pick one of the top 3 results and give them a call.  Those 3 businesses just benefitted from the power of SEO.

Have a look at the difference between good SEO and no SEO.

With SEO

Relevant content on your website meaning you appear high on Google for the right keywords

Super fast and easy to navigate website which keeps your customers around for longer

Mentions on every Australian business directory meaning you appear in Google Maps and the snack-pack

More eyes on your websites meaning more phone calls and more sales

Without SEO

Slow website which encourages customers to leave and visit your competitors, faster website

Lack of clarity on your website so Google can’t find you or show you to customers

No mentions on business directories or valuable links which keeps you hidden from Google Maps

Stagnant growth for your website traffic and your business

Here’s our recipe


Comprehensive Audit

Our strategy starts by ensuring the foundation is rock-solid.  We conduct a technical audit of your website, your backlinks, your competitors websites and your overall web presence.  Typically, what we find here is:

  • Keyword cannibalisation issues
  • Poor keyword targeting
  • Bloated images and code
  • Toxic spammy links
  • Lack of business citations and authoritative links
  • Lack of content, particularly video
  • Poor calls to action.  Tip: Put your phone number at the top of your website

Technical Repair

We found all the issues, now we need to fix them.  Fixing these issues is absolutely crucial before building any links or trying any advanced tactics.  A strong foundation will pay dividends.

  • Losslessly compress all images
  • Optimise code base so the site is blazing fast
  • Install SSL certificate for HTTPS and ensure hosting is adequate
  • Remove keyword cannibalising pages
  • Remove broken links and implement 301 redirects
  • Implement calls to action to immediately improve conversions

Keyword Research & Implementation

Only now do we start looking outwards and finding the most profitable keywords for your business.  After we’ve identified and confirmed the keywords with you, we get to work and implement them throughout the site

  • Implement keywords through meta tags
  • Optimise meta tags for enhanced click through rates
  • Implement keywords in appropriate alt tags
  • Appropriately use internal links between pages to highlight relevance

Building Content

We identify your most engaging content and make it better by optimising the pages to convert browsers into leads.  Using the keyword data we gathered, we begin building content assets that will bring in previously inaccessible visitors.

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Youtube Videos
  • Instant Price Calculator Tools
  • Other lead magnets appropriate to your business

Tweak and Optimise

Digital marketing and SEO is never constant.  We dance with Google to ensure that you stay at the top of the rankings and bring in more and more traffic each month.  Each month, we recognise and report on

  • Changes in traffic
  • Changes in engagement such as time on site and bounce rates
  • Keyword ranking changes
  • …and much more

Some of our clients feedback

“Melbourne Pools would like to thank Peter and his team for the great work they’ve done for our business. Keep up the good work.”

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