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You’ve come to the right place.  But don’t stop reading, you’ll need to find out if were the right fit for you.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is simply one tool in a digital marketers shed.  It helps you drive organic search traffic to your website.  It is regarded as one of the best marketing opportunities available because very few other techniques can offer you qualified customers and leads 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Let us share an example.  You found this web page by Googling, ‘melbourne seo’ or some variation on that keyword.  The beauty in that is you were not searching for a ‘melbourne plumber’ or some thing else.  It is specific and the qualification is already done for you.

We’re big advocates for organic search.  Paid advertising will eventually plateau and/or become too expensive to see results but with SEO, there is no growth cap.

Who Are We?

melbourne-seoPromotoon SEO was founded in 2014 by Peter Kijak.  After successfully ranking personal websites, Peter decided to branch out and help other local businesses achieve terrific online results.  Promotoon has developed almost 100 websites and worked on countless SEO campaigns with stellar reviews across the board.

Want to speak to existing clients?  Let us know and we’ll happily pass on their details.

Why You Should Work With PROMOTOON SEO

There is certainly no shortage of SEO and marketing companies.  There is, however, a shortage on high-quality SEO and marketing companies.  Whilst we certainly aren’t the cheapest or most expensive, we focus on delivering a positive ROI on all campaigns.  After all, SEO is a numbers game.  For every $1 of SEO spend, you should be putting more than that back into your company’s proverbial wallet.

Here’s how we’re different:

1. We Have Real Results & Testimonials

It’s not difficult to say you’re an SEO expert but it is difficult to have real results and testimonials.  View our Google and Facebook page to read 5* reviews or download a recent case study of a successful SEO campaign.

Baby Zone Case Study


2. We ONLY Do SEO and build websites

Do you notice that when you go to the doctor, they will refer you to a specialist to help you with your specific issue?  Sadly, that is not the case in the digital marketing industry.  Almost every ‘seo company’ tends to be a paid advertising specialist, a graphic design company, a printing shop and throw in business consultancy too.

We focus on two things only, SEO and web design.  You might say, ‘why do you need to focus on web design too?’  The truth is if you can’t build a website from the ground up as an SEO, then there is no way you can truly understand how a website should be optimised to perform in Google.  We know how every line of code functions in a website and how that should be arranged to suit Master Google’s taste.

True SEO is not just adding keywords to a page, it’s about understanding how a machine will interpret the code on your site.  Need to remove render blocking javascript? Easy.  An issue with server-side redirects?  No sweat.

Just remember, you wouldn’t go to a dentist to perform brain surgery.

3. We have a System but not a template

We have ranked sites in all different niches.  No one knows exactly how Google will react or update its rankings but we are damn good at analysing what it likes and what it doesn’t.  We follow a simple strategy that doesn’t do anything below the belt which will penalise you in 12 months.  We focus on making your website run squeaky clean and building up your brand as an SEO powerhouse to generate SEO results.

5. We give it to you straight

As it turns out, there is no magic bullet.  There is no ‘SEO ON’ button that allows you to start generating traffic and money.  There is a lot of people who may suggest so and for a cheap price of $149 per month.

Buy expensive shoes, you cry once.  Buy cheap shoes, you cry everyday.

Our SEO campaigns work because we believe that to perform well on Google you must act how you would in real life.  Let’s use an analogy – say you’re a home painter.  If you just told everyone in the world you were a great home painter with no substance, you may pick up a few jobs but the strategy isn’t going to last.  But what about if you teamed up with some local builders and painted a free friends houses, who told their friends and colleagues to use your services.  That would be like a self-sustaining snowball effect.

The best part is that Google and SEO works in the exact same way.  Build a great website that provides a great online experience, build up reviews and get mentioned on other people’s websites.  That’s what it’s all about.

We focus on tested SEO strategies and techniques that build your website on a reliable foundation to grow for years to come.  It takes time, but it’s worth it.

6. We actually communicate

Clear communication with you is essential for success.  Clear communication does not mean sending you an automated monthly 18 page report which is just an export from Google Analytics.  It’s a coffee, a phone call and personal connection to you so we can make sure you’re having a great experience and more importantly, that you’re getting results.

Now you know how we’re different.  Let us explain how we actually get you that return on investment.


Our SEO strategy starts by ensuring the foundation is rock-solid and then is driven by content.  Let’s break it down.


First up is conducting a technical audit on your website, your backlinks and your competitors websites.  Typically what we find here is keyword cannibalisation issues, poor keyword targeting, bloated images, toxic spammy links that need to be addressed ASAP!


Pretty simple.  It’s no good just finding the issues, we need to fix them.  Some issues can be straight forward but some can take longer such as correctly adding in 301 redirects across 100’s of pages on your website.


We look in to your industry, your location and your competitors.  Perhaps your website was optimised to rank for some obscure term that no one ever searched for.  We fix that here.  We identify what keywords are going to deliver the best bang for your buck.


During this stage, we build stunning material and content for your business that we can leverage throughout the campaign.  In-depth industry specific blog articles, infographics, videos – whatever will work best.


Remember that obscure term you were ranking for that no one searched?  Now we get rid of those and replace them with the most appropriate keywords.  Each page on your website will target a specific keyword and we’ll be adding elements to that page to make it more authoritative and trustworthy.


So at this point, we have a perfectly optimised website with the on-page part all taking care of.  Now we need to get other peoples websites linking to your site and the content we have created.  This is the fuel that’s going to drive your search traffic and the more backlinks we build, the stronger your website will become.

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