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We’re here to let you know that you’ve made the right decision.

Keep on reading and we’re going to debunk all the SEO mysteries and show you how we can help your business grow.

WHY IS SEO So popular?

Put simply, there is no more efficient way to market your business online than SEO.

  1. You get to determine exactly how potential clients find your company in search engines such as Google and Bing.  Meaning – if you’re a pool builder who specialises in fibreglass pools, you can make sure people find you when they are looking for “fibreglass pools perth” or just “cheap fibreglass pools”.  It’s entirely up to you.
  2. Continuing on from point 1, you get the most qualified leads.  People are in the prime stage of their buying cycle and looking for businesses that they can work with.  If someone is searching for ‘fibreglass pools perth’, you can bet they’re not looking for a shoe repairman.
  3. SEO is evergreen.  This is the kicker.  With Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, newspaper and TV ads, you pay once, hopefully profit once and then it’s over.  The moment you stop spending is the moment you stop growing.  With SEO, once you’re ranking, you can be confident that more customers will continue to find your business long after all the work is complete.  Talk about ROI

So you must be wondering, “who are these guys?”

First, you get to dictate how customers find your business in the search engines.

Who Are We?

perth-seoPromotoon SEO was founded in 2014 by Peter Kijak.  After successfully ranking personal websites, Peter decided to branch out and help other local businesses achieve sensational results online.  Promotoon has developed almost 100 websites and worked on countless SEO campaigns with stellar reviews across the board.

Want to speak to existing clients?  Let us know and we’ll happily pass on their details or just check out our reviews!


Let’s call a spade, a spade.  There are hundreds of Perth SEO companies, if not thousands who all promise the world.  A disease that has plagued the industry is over-promising and under-delivering.  “#1 on Google for $49 a month” – Never going to happen.

Let us show you several reasons why Promotoon SEO is different from the rest!


1. We Have Real Results & Testimonials

It’s not very hard to say you’re an SEO expert but it is very hard to have real results and testimonials.  View our Google and Facebook page to read 5* reviews or download a recent case study of a successful SEO campaign.

Baby Zone Case Study


And if an online review isn’t enough proof for you, we welcome you to get in touch with any of our past clients and ask them about their experience, firsthand.

2. We ONLY Do SEO and build websites

Have you noticed that when you go the local GP, if they don’t know the answer right away, they send you to a specialist?

Doesn’t happen in the digital marketing industry.  Instead, everyone is an expert in PPC, SEO, SEM, web design, web development, UX, UI, CX etc etc.  The issue is, it’s almost impossible to cover all areas!

That’s why we stripped it all back and focus solely on SEO and building websites.  We understand you can’t have one without the other.  SEO needs a web developer to fix issues, and a web developer needs an SEO to know what issues to fix

True SEO is not just adding keywords to a page, it’s about understanding how a machine will interpret the code on your site.  Need to enable GZIP compression? Easy.  An issue with server-side redirects?  No sweat.

Just remember, you wouldn’t go to an electrician to fix a tooth-ache.

3. We have a System but not a template

The honest truth is no one knows exactly what Google will do.  No one knows if your website is going up, down, left or right.  But some of us have a better idea than others and the proof is in the pudding.

We understand your website is just one part of your ‘larger’ web presence.  We know that if you don’t have, atleast, a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube profile setup, then Google will struggle to recognise your business as a brand.  We know that if your site loads slowly, you’re going to struggle to convert more customers.

It’s not a template, but we know the symptoms and the treatment.

5. We give it to you straight

There is no ‘SEO GO’ button that allows you to start generating more money through your website.  There is a lot of people who may suggest otherwise and for a cheap price of $49 per month.

Our SEO campaigns work because we focus first on the fundamentals, the boring parts.  Let’s use an analogy – say you’ve built a home but new cracks keep popping up in the ceiling.  You think it’s not too bad because the whole house is still fine so you just cover the cracks with plaster and move on.

You eventually try to sell the house but there’s all these things wrong with it and you just can’t get rid of it because people notice.  What you really need to do is say, ‘lets straighten up the foundation’ and everything else will be fine and we can sell the house.

We proverbially ‘straighten up your foundation’.  Other Perth SEO companies might convince you that putting some putty over the ‘cracks’ will be fine – but Google can tell the difference.


Clear communication with you is essential for success.  Any respectable SEO company knows that you need to learn from the client.  We don’t know how your business works, we don’t know the seasonal changes and questions you get asked – that’s where you need to tell us.  Open and honest communication is key.

Clear communication does not mean sending you an automated monthly 18 page report which is just an export from Google Analytics.  It’s a coffee, a phone call and personal connection to you so we can make sure you’re having a great experience and more importantly, that you’re getting results.

Now you know how we’re different.

GET IN TOUCH with a reliable PERTH seo company

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