The business world and the online world are one and the same so let’s talk about SEO.
These days, when consumers buy a product or service, they go online first to conduct research and find a local supplier. No matter what size, all businesses need to capitalise on this shift by having a prominent online presence.
Businesses need to be consistently monitoring their online reputation and communicating with their customers across multiple platforms to keep them updated with relevant and useful business content.
Sound like a big task. It is!
It is all too common for business owners to pay for a professionally designed website, but be so busy with the day to day operation of their businesses that their website doesn’t get the success it deserves.
Your professional website is not growing your business and you wonder why?
Your web presence should be treated the way you treat all aspects of your business.
With time, energy and enthusiasm. You have opened the door to your customers online with a professional website,

Now let’s invite them in!


This is backbone of all online marketing campaigns. SEO is the ‘natural’ process of getting search engines, such as Google, to recognise that your site is the most relevant for your customers search query. In other words, SEO gets your site on to that magical first page of Google.
97% of consumers use the internet when searching for local products and services
So you have a great business, your customers know it but Google doesn’t. Our job is to let Google know what your customers already do and build your reputation online.
We don’t believe in secrecy, so this is how we going to do it:

First we investigate the keywords that your customers are using to search and find your business and businesses like yours, to be implemented throughout your campaign.
Then it’s onto the technical stuff! We speed up your website and edit your existing content to make it more Google and user-friendly.
We then build ‘backlinks’, which are used to build up your online reputation and let Google
know that your site deserves to be on that first page of results.
For most SEO companies this is all the work they will do for you unless you start paying extra, but not Promotoon


Most SEO companies miss this part!
The gap between humans and computers is getting smaller. In order to get that higher ranking and become a prominent force on the web, consumers need to come to your website and find exciting, informative content that they want to share with the rest of the world.
That’s the key to going viral!
Where does Promotoon come in? Every month we will be actively examining the web to find out what the latest online trend is in your business niche. Our content creation team, made up of professional writers, video animators and graphic designers will develop engaging and popular content for us to share on your businesses website.
Content is most likely to go viral when it inspires powerful emotions
Along with blog posts, engaging articles and entertaining animated videos, our content creation team are going to be producing all of this for your site every single month to keep the customers pouring in and your site rocketing up the search results page.


Email marketing is not dead.

We laugh when people say that emailing is over. It is so far from the truth.
Email is one of the most important forms of communication and its online.
That means we handle it as well!
Whether you have an existing client base, or with your new online presence, a growing client base, we will help you stay in touch with them.
We generate weekly personal emails on your behalf to keep your customers in the loop with your business. It is as if you were talking directly to your customers each and every week with a friendly update.

An email list of 10,000 address is worth $1,000,000.00

With this little bit of extra effort, your business sticks in your customer’s head, so that the next time they go to purchase a product or service your business provides, who is the first person they think of?

Because you kept in touch with them.