What value does your website provide?

by Promotoon December 05, 2017

Over 1400 blog posts are published on WordPress every minute. Thousands of new websites go live every day so it begs the question.

What’s so special about your website?

Websites have come along way since they were first introduced. Static HTML sites became interactive PHP sites, which became responsive mobile sites, and now we’re on the edge of progressive web sites which combine websites and apps into one.

The point of all this innovation is to give customers a better experience.

Which is fantastic, except we now have so many similar websites that just offer the same experience. With all the noise out there, we have to ask ourselves, “how can our website deliver value?”.

Having a well designed, functioning website ticks off a few prerequisites such as:

  • Finding a phone number
  • Finding an address
  • Answering basic questions of what you’re business actually does

But that’s not enough. There’s no real value in that. We can find those some prerequisites on all your competitors websites.

Value is giving customers something that you could charge for (but don’t) or teaching them something they didn’t know.

Value could be as simple as having a live chat installed on your website. Customers can interact and have their questions answered immediately without having to pick up the phone and call. That’s value. We implemented Drift on one of our client’s website, Baby Zone, and the results have been astounding. Online sales increased by over 150% and the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Of course, live chat requires someone to ‘man the fort’ but the convenience for a customer is fantastic. That is valuable.

Another example of providing value on a website is a price calculator.

We built a simple, price calculator for a client recently, Melbourne Pools, to allow customers to fill in a simple questionnaire and then receive a ‘rough’ estimate on a new price build. This calculator provides customers with a quick, easy price and with their consent, they can choose to be contacted to arrange a formal quote.

The beauty of this calculator is that customers are willing to hand over their contact information in return for the value they are receiving. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. No one likes to give over information without getting something in return

Now, this client can add these ‘warm-leads’ to their database and nurture them over time so that when they are ready to purchase, their business will be front of mind.

For those out there that are interested, this form is generating a 20% conversion rate


They are two very simple but clear examples of giving value to customers online. It’s time now to take a look at your website and ask, ‘is my website giving value?’

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