Web hosting and why it’s important to pick a good one

by Promotoon November 30, 2017

Whenever you pay for web hosting, you’re paying someone to put your website on the internet. Unfortunately, it costs money to keep your images, text, code up on the internet. However, f you didn’t pay for it, your website would sit on your computer and no one would ever be able to see it.

Although web hosting is absolutely necessary to being online, to most people, it feels like a necessary evil. Most people try to find the cheapest option because it’s hard to understand why you would pay $50 a month when could pay $3 a month.

The issue is, cheap hosting will most likely cause you problems in one way, shape or form. Let’s take a look at what those problems might be:

Cheap hosting is slow

Slow websites mean bad experiences for customers. Customers don’t like waiting around so they’ll just move on to your competitor. Google also doesn’t like slow websites so they’ll push you down the rankings and make it harder to actually get customers.

Cheap hosting goes down

You’ve invested all this money to have a website designed and developed so you want to be sure that it’s going to work 99.99% of the time. Cheap website hosting doesn’t give you that guarantee and you can expect that your site will go down from time to time.

Cheap hosting doesn’t work for popular sites

Cheap hosting is cheap because they share the resources between heaps of different websites. If your website gets a ton of traffic one day, then your hosting just won’t be able to handle that kind of load. Think about your internet speed at 8pm. When everyone is trying to binge watch Netflix, your speed suffers. There’s only so much to go around and that’s the same with hosting.

Cheap hosting doesn’t offer support or backups

In this game, we have to plan for things to go wrong. That means that if you’re site gets hacked or somehow crashes, we need to have a backup in place, ready to go, so it’s business as usual. Cheap hosting often doesn’t make backups of your website and if they do, there’s no ‘one-click restore’ button that will get your site up and running again.

Given that cheap hosting can pose a huge risk to your business, it makes sense to spend a little bit of money to know that you’re protected if something goes wrong. You’re also delivering a better experience for your customers than your thrifty competitors.

Here at Promotoon, we typically build websites using WordPress as the CMS. Without a doubt, we will always put our clients sites on Flywheel. I’ll let their website do the sales pitch but their hosted websites run really fast, they make daily backups and if your site was to get hacked, they’ll take care of it. Plans start at about $20AUD per month and that’s perfect for most small businesses however for sites that get bigger numbers in traffic, you’re looking at about $40AUD+ per month. Money well spent!

If you want to test them out, they’ll even migrate your website free of charge for you. Check out the link below.


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