Case Studies

3 to 30 sales per week

Baby Zone

In October 2016, Baby Zone came to us to review their website from a technical standpoint to uncover why it was not delivering the results it deserved.  After 3 months of toxic link disavows and a focus on removing duplicate content generated by their CMS, the results began to present themselves.  18 months later and we have more than quadrupled traffic and the sales have followed.

“Whilst it took time, the results have been outstanding. Hearing the notification of an online sale will never get old.  Thanks Promotoon”

Traffic is only one factor determining the success of the website.
Here are 3 key takeways highlighting the success of the campaign.


The average amount of visitors per day to the site


The average number of sales per week


Online revenue increase over the past 18 months

Let’s see the rankings

We don’t rank for keywords no one is searching for. Have a look at the rankings and corresponding amount of people searching per month.

comotomo bottles 1st 720 p/m

baby zone 1st 340 p/m

baby shops perth 2nd 1900 p/m


Rankings as at June 2018
for searches in Perth

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